Foundations Of Campaign Strategy

AMS campaign creation strategy is critical to the success of your brand Creating a campaign strategy is not as simple as it might appear. You need to be thoughtful of a multitude of facets, and only the perfect synergy of all components is the way towards achieving the desired results. Each type of ad has its own unique essence, so it is crucial to have a holistic approach to optimize your overall AMS campaign. Some of the most important aspects that an effective campaign strategy must include:

How many keywords to add per campaign

Which ASINs to target

Which ASINs to advertise

What should be the match type

What should be the targeting type

What budget to choose

What is the ideal number of campaigns you should run

iSOS - Unyscape’s Core AMS Strategy


New Account , new campaigns, audits


Identify non-performers and improve them


Identify performers and move them to manual campaigns


Identify new targeting possibilities to increase revenue and visibility


Optimizing existing campaigns, keywords and placements


Keep Identifying average performers and improve core metrics

The Crux Of Optimization

The 3-dub strategy helps answer some of the most crucial questions related to campaign optimization, like
  • How to reduce ACOS and CPC?
  • When to optimize campaigns(frequency)
  • What to change in bidding & budget?
  • Which keyword/ASIN to optimize?
  • What approach to follow for negative keywords/ASINs? And many more.

C.A.P. Metrics

Our 3x3 grid C.A.P. metric structure serves as the backbone while designing and optimizing the campaigns.

  • Core Metrics - ACOS, CPC, Impressions
  • Associated Metrics - CTR, Clicks, Visibility
  • Power Metrics - CVR, Revenue , AOV

Types of AMS Ads

Sponsored Product

Advertise your product at the right places and get the right results

  • Product Ads are the most diverse and hence the most complex form of advertising available on amazon with a plethora of options.
  •  With targeting options that include keywords, product, and category, you can ensure that your product stands out within the sea of search results.
  • Sponsored product is the most sought-after advertising medium on amazon that reap the best benefits in terms of investing or ROI.I
  • However, since it is a complex mode of advertising on the marketplace and so many options are available, the strategy has to be spot on.
  •  Product Ads are the make-or-break type, and they dictate the success or failure of your advertising goals.

Sponsored Brand

Make a lasting impression on customers to enhance brand perception

  • As the name suggests, brand ads primarily help position the brand in customers' mindsets. A sponsored brand is the 1st ad seen at the top of the Amazon search page.
  • A bouquet of 3 products along with a custom image(banner) can be shown with a choice to link any URL- either the brand store on Amazon or a custom landing page.
  •   The Sponsored brand ads are the most critical strategy to position the brand within the Consideration Set.

Sponsored Brand Video

Grow your sales with engaging audio-visual stories

  • Video Ads are the richest advertisement inventory on Amazon, which helps to highlight a product to fuel direct sales.
  • If you showcase a visually appealing video, it will also help improve brand perception and make a lasting impression of your brand’s story.
  • Sponsored video ads should ideally be better than all others as you have 45 seconds to show all features of your product and make the customer buy it.

Sponsored Display

Amazon display ads are not what you think they are!

  • Display ads allow you to target customers who have bought your products in the past and remarket to people who visited your product pages but did not buy.
  • In addition, you can target the most relevant crowd in terms of categories, brands, etc.
  • These unique benefits are not available for display ads anywhere else in the online marketplace, and this is the reason why it is critical to have display ads in your AMS strategy.
  • The sponsored display is also proven to have better recall during event days when marketplace traffic is 5x more than usual.

Amazon DSP

How can you leverage Amazon for your business:
Amazon offers you the opportunity to leverage its traffic
Driving competition traffic to either your product pages on Amazon or your D2C site couldn’t be better done than through Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform). It fuels the core purpose of skipping top of the funnel and directing vast volumes of customers on Amazon who visited products within a specific category to one’s product pages/brand store or D2C site.

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