11 Benefits of Magento 2: Magento 1 VS Magento 2

Magento 1 VS Magento 2
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June 2020.
It’s official.
Magento 1 Support End Date is June 2020.
With the withdrawal of Magento 1.X support coming closer, e-commerce entrepreneurs will not have a choice but to move to Magento 2 to avoid future security vulnerabilities. Better now than later. Migrating your e-commerce business from Magento 1 to Magento 2 will not only update your online store, but will benefit you and your business as well. You need to migrate your website from Magento 1.x, but not necesarrily to Magento 2. You can opt for any other eCommerce platform such as Shopify, BigCommerce or WordPress as well. However, migrating to Magento 2 has its own benefits.
5 key benefits of Magento 2 over Magento 1 are:

  1. Webpage Loading Time of MAGENTO 2 is 50 percent faster than MAGENTO 1.
  2. MAGENTO 2 has an improved Admin Interface with advanced reporting option that can be customized as per your convenience.
  3. MAGENTO 2 has focused on improving customer experience with faster checkout, faster page load, easy navigation, and responsive web stores.
  4. MAGENTO 2 has 35 percent faster checkout process than MAGENTO 1
  5. MAGENTO 2 has full page cache and Varnish 4 support built-in.

We have curated a list of 11 benefits of Magento 2 that can help you decide to migrate.

11 benefits of Magento 2 that can help you decide to migrate.

1. Scalability and Enhanced Performance

The Magento team has worked on improving the limitations of Magento 1 including performance.

Magento 2 has increased its query performance speed and have Vanish cache that makes cache requests simpler. It has enhanced performance and scalability:
The loading time of webpage; be it homepage, category page or product page; is a way faster in Magento 2. The proficiency of backend operations has been enhanced empowering multiple admin to create as well as edit e-commerce products information without any conflicts in Magento 2.

2. Responsive and Search Engine Friendly

Magento 2 has been built to offer responsive and mobile-friendly designs for delivering a seamless shopping experience to customers across devices of all sizes. The improved Magento 2 supports different devices using any screen resolutions.

Not only for customers, the Magento 2 admin panel is also mobile-friendly – empowering admin users to access panel whenever they need, using any device. The entire panel is touchscreen friendly.

Magento 2 makes your eCommerce website engaging, easy to navigate across all devices and help customers explore your e-commerce store and purchase effortlessly. device. The entire panel is touchscreen friendly. Magento 2 makes your eCommerce website engaging, easy to navigate across all devices and help customers explore your e-commerce store and purchase effortlessly.

3. Streamlined Checkout Process

Magento 2 platform has a new and secure checkout process for your eCommerce site. It has added new functionalities to improve checkout process for users. The new e-commerce platform recognizes visitors as their guests – enabling them to continue checkout process with requiring
the login or registrations form.

When it comes to payment options, Magento 2 lets you easily integrate payment method of your choice into the checkout procedure with any merchant checkout platform.

It also has the order summary where users can see the summary of their shipping information, reducing the checkout hassle while improving customer experience.
Overall, Magento 2 lessens the checkout process time; ultimately reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversion rate.

4. Enhanced Security

Magento team has worked on enhancing the security of Magento 2 as well. Build for more secure information handling, Magento 2 focuses on securing checkout process and user details.

With MagentoZ 2 Regular updates, you can build an advanced, highly- secure e-commerce business that protects your online store from security threats.

5. Advanced Reporting

Magento 2 has improved reporting helping marketers and admin get insight into three crucial areas: orders, customers, and products.

With the new advanced reporting of Magento 2, one can view the number of orders, shipping fees, number of new customers, number of product orders and more. The reporting helps you understand and measure the insight to improve your strategy and better manage your e-commerce business.

6. Affordable and Easier Extension Updating

Even for professional developers, installing a few Magento 1 extensions took a lot of time. And, the possibility of conflicting extensions can’t be

Thankfully, Magento 2 version has addressed the issue of extension integration and updating. Installing new extensions has become simpler and at some extend cheaper too.

With HTML5, Less, require.js, and CSS3, the process has become easier and less painful for developers.

7. Ajax add-to-cart

One of the key issues with Magento 1 is that every time a product is added to the cart, the entire page reloads; negatively impacting its performance and user experience.

This is one of the issues, you can afford to ignore.

The new Magento 2 has Ajax add-to-cart, that doesn’t reload the entire page when a new product is added to the cart. It automatically saves users’ time and improves their shopping experience.

8. No extension conflicts

If you have an eCommerce store, you know the importance of extensions. For even a basic online store, a significant number of extensions are used.

The extensions work smoothly until their fields don’t overlap. However, when any specific functionality is written by two or more extensions,
developers used to face the problem of extension conflicts. They needed to solve the issue manually, which was time consuming.

Magento 2 has addressed the issue efficiently with a plugin that reduces the conflicts between extensions; saving developers’ manual time and effort.

9. Platform Compatibility

Magento 2 supports advanced technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and MySQL.

Additionally, it uses jQuery instead of prototype.js.

10. User Friendly Admin Interface

Magento 1 has a complex admin panel, especially for non-tech users. The team has improved the admin interface in Magento 2 – displaying an overview of most important information such as lifetime sales, last orders, average order amount, top search terms, new customers, most viewed products and more.

The new admin panel allows even non-tech users to easily navigate, find information easily and efficiently manage the store. One can even customize the admin panel as per convenience.

You can check everything in a blink of an eye.

11. Email Marketing Automation

Magento 2.2 and later versions has introduced the dotmailer email marketing automation, empowering merchants to create campaigns in just a few steps and in no time.

An e-commerce entrepreneur can now easily create automated campaigns through SMS, email, Push and other channels from their Magento 2 platform and can even manage transactional emails.

Dotmailer’s toolset is easy to use and offers 14-day trial.


With the withdrawal of official support from Magento 1, you will not have a choice but to migrate your e-commerce business from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or any other preferred e-commerce platform.

A professional Magento Development Company can help you migrate your website or build from scratch at a price that perfectly fits your budget.

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