15 Benefits of Choosing WooCommerce for Your E-Commerce Business

WooCommerce for Your E-Commerce Business
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From its interactive interface to its cost-effectiveness and endless customization options. WooCommerce has remained the first choice of all sorts of businesses. Building an online store can be a challenging task and choosing the appropriate e-commerce platform is even more challenging. It requires lots of research, brainstorming to select a suitable platform that meets our business requirements and future aspirations.

WooCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that powers over 28.19% of all online stores. It’s the perfect choice for all the online startups and someone who wants to migrate to a more user-friendly option.

This Wordpress plugin provides access to the countless themes and plugins that enhance the functionality of your online store and eventually help it to grow further. You can set up your WooCommerce store within a short period as compared to custom made online stores. Moreover, you are not required to pay any monthly subscription charges.

15 Benefits of Choosing WooCommerce

1. Top-notch Security

Due to the regular updates, it remains compatible with the newer versions of Wordpress.

WooCommerce has a dedicated team that constantly works with leading security experts to provide their customers with a secure shopping experience. They regularly update the application so that it doesn’t remain prone to vulnerabilities and bugs. 

WooCommerce supports secure transactions and perfectly synchronized with secure payment gateways and e-wallets methods, such as Stripe, Payza, PayPal, WePay, etc.

2. Detailed Analytics

It’s very essential to have a reliable analytics tool to keep an eye on your daily stats. Although, analytics can be a bit complex for the people who have just started their business in e-commerce.

However, the inbuilt analytics system in the WooCommerce analyzes several stats such as total sales, total numbers of orders, Stat based on individual customers and date without putting extra effort into it. Users can also check the stats through detailed graphs without leaving the admin panel.

 3. Extremely Professional

Although WooCommerce is an open-source platform but doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not professional.

This platform provides detailed order tracking, delivery status of all the orders, available discounts and effectively calculates the tax charges.

Moreover, it provides detailed information on coupon codes, inventory management delivery options, payment methods and everything that may find in a professional e-commerce setup.

The perfect organization of your online store and flexibility to make and track the orders helps to attract more customers.

4. Customizable

The major feature that makes WordPress and Woocommerce different from the other platforms is its customization options.

Woocommerce provides plenty of themes for your online store. After selecting a particular theme that suits your requirement you may also change its CSS style and colors. 

Flexibility is one of the major advantages of using WooCommerce as your e-commerce platform. You may use countless plugins, extensions, and themes as per your business requirements.

5. Free and Open Source

WooCommerce is an open-source platform and users can download it for free without paying any charges.

Despite being open-source, it offers extensive features.

Woocommerce allows you to customize your online store as per your business requirements.

Users don’t need to pay any hidden charges to use this e-commerce platform.  Users just have to install and activate it without spending a single penny. Flexibility of adding extensions themes and plugins makes it stand out from the rest of e-commerce platforms.

6. User-friendly

Woocommerce makes it easier for a non-technical person to use it without any technical supervision.

Once you installed this plugin, it’s simple and user-friendly Setup Wizard makes it very easy to set up. You can easily track the total orders and sales based on individual customers.

 Although modifying your online store’s design, layout and services might take some time. Even if you got stuck with anything while using this platform, there are detailed documentation and tutorials available online to get rid of it.

7. SEO friendly

As we know, Woocommerce is running on the most SEO friendly platform that religiously follows the SEO guidelines by Google.  This eventually helps to optimize your website easily as compared to the other e-commerce platforms.

Moreover, it also provides access to some amazing third-party SEO plugins that effectively optimize your website and helps you to rank it on google search engine.

8. Auto-detects Geolocation

Woocommerce automatically detects the customer’s location, currency, language and makes the appropriate tax and shipping calculations. When you enable “geolocation” in your settings, it automatically detects the shipping, taxes, currencies, etc based on user IP address.

This platform can proactively ban users of a specific country or region to avoid scams and malicious attacks. You can also create a certain set of rules to restrict the particular users of the entire website or particular pages.

9. Flexible

This e-commerce platform lets the user sell physical, virtual and even downloadable products and accept almost all kinds of payment gateway methods.

Users can add unlimited products under various categories.

Users can access plenty of themes so that website owners can customize their stores as per their business requirements.

Moreover, it also gives access to several custom templates and designs for various categories using this WordPress plugin.

10. Huge Variety of Apps

You can enhance the functionality of your e-commerce store as per your changing business requirements, Woocommerce offers a diverse variety of extensions and themes.  This e-commerce platform offers paid as well as free extensions.

There are plenty of apps and extensions are available for marketing, accounting, and reporting.

You may find several built-in plugins that suit your requirements & if you can’t find a plugin then you can easily custom made it through an affordable woocommerce development service provider

11. Affordable

Woocommerce is quite cost-effective if we will compare it with other e-commerce platforms. Its design, production, and its customization are long-lasting. The completion of a woo commerce store depends on its size and any changes in the design can be a bit pricey.

Woocommerce can quickly implement additional features at an affordable price. However, the development cycle of custom-made changes might take longer and therefore requires a big investment.

12. Add-ons and themes

Woocommerce offers countless add-ons and themes for your online store, choose the relevant plugins from the tonnes of options that match your requirements.  A huge variety of themes allows you to add the new design and layout to your online store. This WordPress plugin offers free as well as paid extensions.

These extensions might come in the form of applications and functionalities associated with accounting, payment gateways methods, promotion, etc. Customizing products are helpful to engage our customers and let them personalize their products while shopping from your store.

13. Payment Gateway Methods

WooCommerce accepts almost all the major payment gateways and allows you to add several other payment methods. Moreover, this WordPress plugin can efficiently estimate the shipping and tax charges within a few seconds. Users can process payment transactions by using the desired payment getaway methods.

 Furthermore, users can conduct their transactions through various payment modes such as Cash on Delivery, PayPal, credit cards, Direct Bank Transfer, etc.

14. Dedicated Customer Support

The developers of the wooCommerce are extremely dedicated and professional towards their services and customers. Users can check the verified label on their products. Users can easily their customers to review and rate their products and services so that it would be easier for new customers to make a decision.

āWhenever users have any queries related to the product they can directly contact their 24×7 customer support or may also check the documentation or tutorials on the website.

15. Order Tracking System

WooCommerce effectively manages the order tracking process. Customer even receives notifications when they buy a product or when their order gets completed. WooCommerce provides all the details of the order and it is developed with automated marketing tools and chatbots that respond to the customer queries instantly.

This e-commerce platform allows you to attach customer notes, the label on the shipped items, users can easily check the status of the orders, coupon codes and easily manage the shipping options and tax settings.


WordPress covers all the aspects of an ideal e-commerce platform i.e. open-source, content-oriented, tons of extraordinary features, and a user-friendly interface for beginners, you must be spoilt for choice.

The SEO-friendliness, security, and customization make this platform a perfect solution for smaller as well as medium businesses. When you select an eCommerce platform, don’t only consider the price and features as your selection criteria. Choose the right platform that is flexible to support your business as you grow further.

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