25 Big Brands Using Magento: Examples of Powerful Magento Websites

25 Big Brands Using Magento: Examples of Powerful Magento Websites
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274,649 live websites are using Magento and the number is growing.

It’s not a surprise as Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Majorly used by Medium to Large businesses, Magento has feature-rich extensions to help you achieve any desired functionality.

Let’s discuss the top 25 world brands that use Magento.

Top 25 Brands Using Magento:

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Monin
  3. Intelligentsia
  4. Liverpool FC
  5. Bjorg Borg
  6. Helly Hansen
  7. Christian Louboutin
  8. Paul Smith
  9. Tom Dixon
  10. Omega Watches
  11. O’Neills
  12. Made
  13. Wrangler Europe
  14. Lee Europe
  15. Radley London
  16. Fred Perry
  17. Forever New
  18. Cox & Cox
  19. Canon
  20. Festo
  21. Kate Somerville
  22. Neom Organics London
  23. Pierre Fabre Laboratories
  24. JCB
  25. FORD

Category: Food & Beverage Using Magento

1.  Coca Cola

Coca Cola doesn’t need any introduction. Built on Magento Commerce, Coca Cola is the biggest-selling soft drink of all times that offer personalized bottles, gift boxes, apparel, and more on their Magento Store.

Platform: Magento


Coca Cola

2. Monin

The world-famous syrup brand, Monin, upgraded their Magento Commerce 1 based online store to Magento Commerce 2 in 2018. The new website has enhanced user experience offering a seamless shopping experience to its customers. 

Platform: Magento 2 Commerce



3.  Intelligentsia Coffee

The Chicago-based coffee retailer, Intelligentsia, is counted among the top coffee retailers in the World. With stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Boston, they sell directly to consumers via their official website based on Magento Commerce 2.

Platform: Magento Commerce 2


Intelligentsia Coffee

Category: Sports Brands Using Magento

4.  Liverpool FC

The Official Online Store of Liverpool Football Club is built on Magento offering authentic Liverpool Official Merchandise including, souvenirs, the latest LFC Kits, fashion clothing, accessories and more.

Platform: Magento


Liverpool FC

5.  Bjorn Borg

Nice to see playful and engaging eCommerce photography, plus great use of the ‘quick buy’ feature. The mobile experience is rapid and intuitive too. Big like!

Platform: Magento 2 Commerce


Björn Borg

6.  Helly Hansen

Founded in Norway in 1877, Helly Hansen online store is a complex and global eCommerce site with 30 stores in 6 languages. The online shop offers jackets, gear and more for Sailing, Outdoor, Skiing, and Sportswear. It has advanced integrations.

Platform: Magento 2 Cloud


Helly Hansen

7.  O’Neills

Ireland’s largest sportswear manufacturing company, O’Neills Sportwear launched their official eCommerce website in June 2018 on Magento 2 with advanced features including a rapid dynamic search function.

Platform: Magento 2



Category: Luxury & Fashion Brands Using Magento

8.  Christian Louboutin

The global brand has significantly improved its website. The new Magento based eCommerce store loads faster, is visually appealing and has enhanced overall user experience.

Platform: Magento 2


Christian Louboutin

9.  Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of the best Magento website examples that has smooth main navigation layout and super-fast checkout. They have beautifully designed each product detail page, helping their customers find the product they are looking for easily and quickly.

Platform: Magento 2 Commerce–On-Premise


Paul Smith

10.  Wrangler Europe

Wrangler Europe is a beautifully designed Magento eCommerce website that has great product detail page layouts, easy navigation and much more. The brand has used standout pictures to beautify their eCommerce site.

Platform: Magento 1 Commerce


Wrangler Europe

11. Lee Europe

The globally popular Denim brand, Lee Europe offers a great shopping experience to its customers via their Magento e-commerce store. The store has been beautifully designed and offers enhanced user experience to its customers.

Platform: Magento 1 Commerce


Lee Europe

12. Radley London

A London born brand, Radley is one of the most beautiful Magento eCommerce website examples. Built with advanced functionality, the website offers multiple languages, location, and currency combinations.

Platform: Magento


Radley London

13. Fred Perry

I like the simple yet beautiful Fred Perry Magento store. The site has a strong layout structured and has easy navigation to help customers find what they are looking for.

Platform: Magento


Fred Perry

14. Forever New

One of the popular brands across the world, Forever New has upgraded their existing Magento 1 store to Magento Commerce 2 with Magento Order Management. The new website of Forever New delivers a true omnichannel experience to their customers. They have enhanced the user experience with quick page loading, fast checkout and easy navigation with advanced filters.

Platform: Magento Commerce 2


Forever New

Category: Furniture & Home Decor Brands Using Magento

15. Made

One of the popular furniture and homeware retailer out there, Made official Magento based eCommerce website has information-rich product pages and strong structure. It also has the ultimate ‘Sofasizer’ tool that lets users visualise and choose the right size of sofa for their home.

Platform: Magento



16. Cox & Cox

Launched in August 2017 on Magento 2, the Cox & Cox offers enhanced user experience to its customer with advanced filter options, beautiful visuals, and strong layout.

Platform: Magento 2


Cox & Cox

17. Tom Dixon

One of Britain’s most successful designers, Tom Dixon’s official website is built using Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 – delivering standout user experiences to its customers.

Platform: Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0


Tom Dixon™ Official

Category: Electronics, Gadgets & Software Brands Using Magento

18. Canon

The official store of Canon Australia is built on Magento with s strong product page layout and easy navigation. I like how the navigation lets you jump to the specific category.

Platform: Magento Commerce



19. Festo

The German-based manufacturer, Festo built their online store on Magento Commerce 2 to distribute and sell apps, cloud products, and other software libraries directly online – reaching their customers across 176 countries. The site has faster loading speed and a strong layout structure.

Platform: Magento Commerce 2



20. OMEGA Watches

The global brand of watches, OMEGA has built a visually appealing eCommerce store to sell their range of watches. The website is one of the best examples of strong Magento sites. They have brilliantly used the product description layout.

Platform: Magento Commerce


OMEGA Watches

Category: Beauty and Cosmetic Brands Using Magento

21. Kate Somerville

Taking care of her customer’s skin for over 25 years, Kate Somerville has become one of the iconic skincare clinics in California. In 2017, they decided to move their official store to Magento Commerce to offer amazing and smooth shopping experience for their customers.

Platform: Magento Commerce


Kate Somerville

22. Neom Organics London

Neom Organics London is a popular skincare company designed to improve the overall wellbeing of its customers through organic products, body scrubs, skin treatments, essential oils, and perfumes. They launched their eCommerce store on Magento, and now they have upgraded to Magento Commerce 2.

Platform: Magento Commerce 2


Neom Organics London

23. Pierre Fabre Laboratories

The second-largest dermo-cosmetics laboratory in the world, Pierre Fabre is popular for offering customized products and solutions for everyone, including men, women, and children. They already had their store on Magento Commerce, however, they decided to upgrade to Magento Commerce Cloud to manage their 4 brands on a shared core infrastructure: Avène USA, Klorane USA, Glytone USA, and René Furterer USA.

Platform: Magento Commerce (Cloud)


Pierre Fabre Laboratories

Category: Automobile, Industrial & Commercial Brands Using Magento

24. JCB

One of the top three manufacturers of construction equipment in the world, JCB, sells products in 150 countries via 2,000 dealer locations. They built their official part store on Magento Commerce 2. The site handles around 250,000 SKUs.

Platform: Magento Commerce 2



25. Ford

The American multinational automaker, Ford, launched their official Ford Accessories online store on Magento Commerce to offer seamless shopping experience to their customers.

Platform: Magento Commerce



…and The List Goes On.

Wrapping Up

With the launch of Magento 2, Medium to Large brands are adapting Magento as their eCommerce platform. Even small brands are inclining towards Magento to benefit from its scalability. 

If I missed any big brand, let me know in the comments below with their store link and I will update if I agree.

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