E-commerce Logistics Aggregators In India

All You Need To Know About E-commerce Logistics Aggregators
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According to a market research organization, Novonous, the logistics industry of India is worth $300 billion. India spends a whopping 15 per cent of its GDP on logistics that is comparatively very high from other developing countries. The growth of logistics market in India is seen to be driven by sectors like retail, manufacturing, ecommerce and such which have been booming in the recent years. 

The logistics industry has attained a good growth pace because of the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It gave a the industry a good boost by allowing it to reduce costs and improve the profit margins by various processes like setting up huge warehouses across the country. 

Ecommerce growth has also helped start-ups to put their innovation to work and come up with new ideas to support the logistics industry.

Different ways to fulfill Logistics needs

Logistics is the backbone of any e-commerce business and it is vital for an e-commerce site to opt for the most reliable and fast logistics services for its growth. The biggest challenge for any online store is the logistics part. Logistics actually makes a big difference to the growth of any online store as a buyer would always want the items to be in good condition, delivered as soon as possible and if there is a need for exchange or return then it must be a hassle free experience. These factors contribute majorly on a buyer and influence his future decision to shop from that particular store. Hence, the right logistics solution is of utmost importance. One can take care of the logistics needs in various ways like:

  • Outsourcing the logistics by partnering with reliable logistics company and handing them over all your logistics requirements. This can get costly for small amount of orders. 
  • Setting up an in-house logistics service is also a great option and gives one complete control over everything but a totally new supply chain would divide one’s focus between the product and logistics and it might start affecting the actual purpose of the e-commerce store.  
  • An excellent option is to go for a shipping aggregator that integrate many shipping companies and cut on the hassle of dealing with different companies individually.

Choosing a good third party logistics provider is a decision that would affect a lot of aspects of e-commerce business growth. A fine logistics provider has characteristics like fast deliveries, different payment options, on-time pick-ups or returns, secure handling of packages, experienced or trained man power, efficient support that is available 24*7, vast area coverage and more.

What is a Logistics Aggregator?

Logistics aggregator companies take care of all the logistics needs of their clients be it storage or transportation. They also provide other services like sorting products category-wise, packaging and more; they are responsible for all the steps included in a shipping process starting from taking hold of the product to delivering it. 

Logistics aggregators have logistics partners who assist in delivering the shipments safely around the globe at less prices as compared to other shipping methods. 

There are numerous reasons to go for a logistics aggregator rather than outsourcing or building an in-house supply chain. Some of the benefits are as below:

  • One doesn’t have to invest in distribution infrastructure
  • No requirement for maintaining fleet
  • Freight costs and liabilities are shared and hence no full burden of it
  • Lesser logistics costs and 
  • One doesn’t have to spend money on expensive software programs or technological solutions for logistics management systems
  • No hassle of adjusting number of labor depending on the number deliveries that are actually uncertain

Top logistics aggregators in India

As ecommerce is growing exponentially, the need for logistics is too. There are different ideas that companies or start-ups come up with to match the pace of the rising demands and make the processes seamless. 

Not all logistics companies provide all the logistics solutions that are needed by an online store. Some might deal with only air freight or some might just fulfill trucking needs. Logistics aggregators make it possible to incorporate each and every solution that an online store might need. 

Below are the top logistics aggregators in India that are assisting e-commerce businesses gain momentum and credibility in the industry –


Vamaship is a one-stop platform for all the ecommerce logistics needs. It is India’s first logistics aggregator and facilitates e-commerce shipping, air and ocean freight. It has a vast global presence as it ships in 200 countries across the globe and services more than 20, 000 pin codes in India. Some of the highlights of the Vamaship include multiple location pick-up, reverse shipments, shipping efficiency analytics, 24*7 support, automated inflow of information and more. More than 500 companies use Vamaship and a lot of big brands too including Alibaba and Amazon.


Shipdroid is a popular name among the e-commerce logistics companies that serves over 20,000+ pin codes in India. It maintains uniform logistics process and has single-point interaction with its clients. Shipdroid provides efficient services and has a lot of features like automatic and smart AWB management, one-click pick-up generation, no need of multiple courier agreements, single tracking interface for all couriers, unified cash on delivery support, no minimum commitments, easy accounts or billing management and more. It provides economical services and hence is a great option for an ecommerce start-up.


Shipyaari is an e-commerce focused logistics company that is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has gained a good reputation over the years and is an emerging leader in global logistics management. It serves more than 25000 pin codes for prepaid deliveries and about 19000+ pin codes for cash on delivery. The company handles a whopping 5000+ shipments on a daily basis with over 6000+ sellers all across the country. It’s user friendly API, constant support from the team, fast deliveries and affordable prices add to its credibility. 


Shyplite was established in the year 2016 and operates on a B2B SaaS platform. It serves about 15000 pin codes for prepaid and around 11000+ pin codes for cash on delivery. Highlights of Shyplite include automatic tracking, multiple carriers integration, uniformity of rates, automatic orders import from the store, no subscription fees or minimum commitments, very economical freight, cash delivery settlements in every seven days and more. FedEx, BlueDart, Gati, BookAWheel, Delhivery and more are carriers available with Shyplite.

iThink logistics

iThink Logistics is another renowned logistics aggregator in India and offers fully automated shipping and supply chain management solutions. Easy integration for online merchnats and automatic synchronization by iThink make the processes smooth for them. It has multiple channel partners and offers reliable services to about 26,00 pin codes across the globe. iThink Logistic s is amongst the fastest growing e-commerce solution provides .


Shiprocket has gained good credibility over time and serves about 20,000 pin codes. Its shipping partners include Aramex, BlueDart, FedEx and more but does not offer integration with logistics company of choice. Shiprocket has four pricing plans for smooth processes that are Lite, Basic, Advanced and Pro which depend on the order volumes. It also offers cash on delivery support and a cycle of 14 days for its remittance.

Zepo couriers

Zepo couriers is another renowned logistics aggregator in India and offers services to about 15000 pin codes across the country. It has six logistics companies as its partners that include names like Aramex, FedEx, BlueDart and more. Zepo offers three pricing plans that are Standard, Professional and Premium with one time set-up fees of 25000, 50000 and 75000 respectively. It does not offer any monthly plans or pay-as-you-go. It supports cash on delivery and has a remittance cycle of 14 days for Standard and professional plans while it of seven days for Premium plan.


Establishes in the year 1997, Safexpress has emerged as a leading name in the supply chain and logistics industry in the country. Its services include express distribution, vendor managed inventory, end-to-end supply chain management, virtual warehousing, 3rd party logistics and consulting. It is a renowned name in the e-commerce logistics market facilitating major flows in B2C supply chains that include product flow, information flow and monetary flow. The company provides accurate and safe deliveries with real time information sharing, high volume pick-ups at minimal time, efficient movement with zero misrouting and much more.


ShipKaro is a reliable name amongst logistics aggregators and provides seamless logistics solutions to e-commerce businesses. It has three pricing plans that are Individual, Business and Corporate that one can subscribe for a monthly plan or pay-as-you-go model. It offers domestic as well as international shipping through its 12 shipping partners that includes Xpressbees, Delhivery, Aramex, Ecom Express, FedEx and more. E-tailers have an option to either one or multiple logistics partners from ShipKaro platform. It serves about 20000+ pin codes with discounted rates of parcels.

Silver Arrow

Silver Arrow offers end-to-end logistics solutions for both domestic and international needs. The company has DHL, TNT Express, FedEx and UPS as its partners who provide seamless services on the international platform while Gati, DotZot, Delhivery, FedEx and SpotOn are their domestic integrators. Other services logistics aggregation by Silver Arrow include e-commerce shipping solutions, personalized customer support,  tech enabled logistics solutions and more. Some of the clients of Silver Arrow are Caratlane, NetMeds, Titan Eye Plus, Thirumalai Chemicals, Aspire Systems and more. 


Shipchillz is another of a fine logistics aggregator that allows customers to choose their logistics partners in a hassle free manner. Some of the highlights of Shipchillz include bulk orders, multiple courier partners, discounted shipping prices with inbound tracking, ship more, save more model and more. It also provides a cash on delivery option and reverse shipping solutions. The company offers hyper-local, air and surface services across the country and their basic plans do not have any monthly charges. 

Selecting the best aggregator according to your unique e-commerce logistics needs requires a good amount of research and knowledge about the industry. A tip is not to hassle and taking your time to decide the future of your e-commerce store!

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