How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Email Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Email Marketing
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Artificial Intelligence has been proposed as the promising technology of the future, but the fact is it’s being used now, and implementation is only going to rise. When it comes to email marketing, AI is an effective tool that empowers marketers to provide something that customers are looking for i.e a hassle-free personalized experience. With 5.59 billion live email accounts across the world, email marketing and email automation platforms will continue to thrive as a leader in digital marketing. According to the latest studies, the AI market is supposed to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 62.9%, and be worth more than $16 billion in 2022. As we know sending emails has been an essential part of digital marketing for its direct approach and cost-effective methodology. 

With the support of artificial intelligence, email marketing is becoming more powerful than ever and it has introduced several exciting features to accumulate higher conversions, including personalization, automation, and data analysis. It’s an overwhelming time for email marketers out there as AI will further reshape the medium, capitalizing on the strengths of Email Marketing. We have enlisted six promising features of the Artificial Intelligence that stands it out from the crowd.

Smart Personalization

Personalization has become so prominent in email marketing. Subscribers usually skip email if it doesn’t tickle their fancy. In short, AI can tell you what content is required to resonate most with your target audience at a personalized level. Personalization can easily determine the difference between a hugely successful email marketing strategy and an ordinary one. The most reliable way to collect data for an adequate approach to this method is to ask them to set their choices while signing up or after they’ve received their welcome email. AI technology helps examine consumer behavior and analyze their interests to create data-driven insights. This makes it possible for you to design customized emails that are tailor-made for each of your subscribers.

Optimizing Content

As we can automate and optimize the email subject lines, we can also automate the entire content of the email. Through pre-written copy, images, promotions, blog post snippets, curated content, links, and even machine-generated content AI-powered software can deliver emails that are optimized for a high traffic engagement. AI algorithms can not only predict the optimal combination of various types of content but this automation also significantly cuts down on the time and resources required to keep your email campaigns going.

Improved Engagement

The conventional practices of email marketing include manually examining the right combination of a subject line, email body, and images to figure out which email would work best for a particular audience. Due to all these reasons, this was a tiresome process that was prone to human mistakes and less traffic. AI technology aims to enhance this process by quickly producing content that would bring the best outcomes in terms of conversion and profits. This now cuts valuable time from testing and allows you to work with more sequences of messaging components.

Customizing Email Promotions

AI technology can easily figure out what promo works best for a specific customer by analyzing their history and interest. Running special promotions to your customers is a great idea to satisfy more customers to sign up for your list and to boost your revenues. It can also help to boost sales even further by customizing your promotions to each customer, using machine intelligence to decide the suitable offer for each customer. You can run promotions on specific products, free shipping, and other freebies, discounts as per the customer’s shopping behavior and interactions. This sort of personal promotion customization would be impracticable without AI technology.


This takes email marketing to a completely new level. Do your customers add items to their shopping cart but not complete the checkout process? That’s where AI comes into play. With the help of AI, you can reshape your retargeting strategy to boost your sales and reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate. Few customers may react promptly to an email that’s sent an hour after they’ve left your website, while others may take their time before they decide to purchase. AI can easily differentiate all sorts of such customers and send your retargeting emails at an optimal time. You could even increase your sales value by recommending another couple of algorithmically-chosen products.

Manage Customer Conversations 

Artificial intelligence is now transforming the way how conversations with customers are managed, and customers can do more through self-service. With the help of AI, chatbots can be used to decode customer behavior and accumulate data, send appropriate messages, complete purchases, and provide immediate engagement so a customer doesn’t have to wait for an executive for any query. 

A few years ago, email marketing was deemed as a human attempt developed with many trials and faults. This was a time-consuming process. However, the progressions in technology and the digital age led to the automation and streamlining of the email marketing process. Now is the appropriate time to start embracing this new technology and looking for ways to make it an essential part of your email marketing strategy.

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