Shopify Support and Maintenance Services

We Offer End-to-End Shopify
Support and Maintenance Services.

With significant experience with Shopify-based ecommerce businesses, we understand the struggles entrepreneurs face when it comes to organizing back-office workflows, seamless website performance on all devices, and keep up with growing business challenges.

Our Shopify Support services and Shopify Maintenance services are tailored for businesses of all sizes; be it a small start or an established global brand. Our team of Shopify developers helps businesses in finding problem, fixing minor to major issues, handle any arising technical hurdles, or even keep your ecommerce business updated.

We partner with business to help them run their ecommerce business smoothly and seamlessly by enhancing website performance and improving
customer experience while organizing backend workflows.


We Offer Scalable Magento Support
and Maintenance Services

Our Shopify Support and Maintenance Services Ranges from database hosting
and support, Shopify application update to latest version, extension

installation, web server hosting and support, regular web diagnosis, backup
configuration, security maintenance, performance optimization, and custom

Ongoing Shopify support

With our ongoing Shopify support services, our Shopify developers partner with ecommerce retailers to consistently improve their ecommerce solution while improving its performance and stability. Depending on the requirements of e-commerce businesses, we team up to handle minor to major technical hurdles. We customize our ongoing Shopify support as per business need and keep them retailers updated with weekly and monthly reports.

Emergency Shopify support

Even if we are being careful, we sometimes face some technical glitches that need urgent fix to avoid data loss, or damage customer trust, or lose revenue. With our emergency Shopify support services, we can help you fix the issue instantly to help you get moving without any interruption.

Ecommerce Performance Monitoring and Improving

Working on low conversion rate without any success? We at EComm.Build work with e-commerce businesses to monitor and improve the performance of their web portal. We diagnose the entire ecommerce portal right from UI/UX to catalog merchandising and checkout. We identify those performance hurdles and address issues instantly to help you grow your ecommerce store.

Security Maintenance

At EComm.Build, we incorporate high security into our Shopify development and Magneto Maintenance services using a DevSecOps approach for smooth functioning – helping in early identification and fix of different vulnerabilities in code. Our Security Maintenance services include scanning your solution for malware, updating your web store to the latest version, configuring the server, setting required user permissions, IP Whitelisting, developing a backup plan and more